A New Chapman Middle School Debt Exclusion Calculator

On Tuesday, April 30, 2019 the voters of Weymouth will go to the polls to decide on a debt exclusion to pay the bond needed to finance a New Chapman Middle School.

A debt exclusion is a temporary increase in property taxes, outside the limits of Proposition 2 ½, to raise the funds necessary to pay debt service costs for a specific capital project. Debt exclusion funds may only be used for that specific project.

This calculator is being provided so you can easily estimate the effect of the New Chapman Middle School Debt Exclusion on your property taxes based on your property’s current assessed value.

Enter your address or Parcel ID and hit submit to find out the estimated impact to your property tax bill.

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A New Chapman Project Cost

Total Project Cost = $163.2 million

Estimated State Grant (MSBA): $ 57.3 million

Town Borrowing (within Levy): $ 10.0 million

Debt Exclusion Amount: $ 95.9 million

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